General Beauregard Lee and Punxsutawney Phil Disagreed on Ground Hog Day

General Beauregard Lee and Punxsutawney Phil disagreed on Ground Hog day. So which groundhog was right? As it happens, they are most likely both right. You see, spring here in the south happens much earlier than in Pennsylvania. As soon as the Daffodils bloom, in Georgia, we can count on the termites to start to swarm. Ants will show up at the door looking for a handout. On warm days flies will start to bother us on the patio and in the kitchen. You know when it’s close to Valentine’s Day because the birds and bees are ready to start doing those things that birds and bees do, and some of those things are to bother us.

Now is the time of year to treat the lawn for grubs and ants. Due to the nature of birds and other pests, it’s now time to consider exclusion options. To prevent birds and other pests from inhabiting the garage, the storage shed, and the attic. Face it, the long hard winter which was predicted did not happen, at least for us. What that means for our homes is unwanted pests are going to show up early. Prevention is better than waiting for bugs to show up and cause problems. Here at All Exterminating we can help.