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Mosquitoes and the Zika Virus

“Daddy what’s this about the mosquitoes in the news, are we going to have to stay inside all summer?” Our 9 year old son has recently started watching the news while eating breakfast with my wife. Well I told Nic that when spring comes around we would call Bob at All Exterminating to bring the […]

Mulch Types and Bugs

Spring has sprung, next week it’s going to seem like summer. As termite and pest control professionals, we are commonly asked about mulch. Now that it’s time to plant and trim shrubs and trees, it’s also time to spruce up the flower beds and gardens around our homes. Well, mulch is a big choice not […]

Winter Pest Control: Old Man Winter Is on His Way

It seems with the recent changes in the weather, that old man winter is on his way. There are a few things that most people tend to overlook in regard to household Pest Control for the colder months. Did you have ants in the kitchen this past summer? Carpenter bees drilling the deck or exterior […]

5 Tips to Prevent Autumn Rodent Entry

Autumn is a time of year when a lot of changes start to happen. Some we recognize like the leaves changing colors and starting to fall or cooler nights and days. Others we don’t notice so much until we hear that awful scratching above our bed at night. A few tips to minimize your vulnerability […]

Summer Weather in Georgia Brings Termites

Summer Weather in Georgia: Termites Becoming More Active Everyone has been anticipating warmer weather and it is here. With summer vacations, baseball games, and all the other things that consume our time off of work and school we often forget what warmer more humid days mean. It means that termites are more active and their […]

Cool Weather in Georgia Drives Critters into Homes

Cool weather drives critters into homes during the fall and winter months. Squirrels, rats, and raccoons (just to name a few) ironically enough like to enjoy the same luxuries as we do. Shelter, heat, and a comfortable bed are all often provided in your attic. The problem is they do not pay rent and they […]

Winter Pest Control

Christmas and New Year’s time are not usually when you would expect to worry about bugs. Well, it should be. Insects can overwinter in your home and not move much during the cold times of the year. Around this time each year is a good time to have your pest control service performed. Get a […]

General Beauregard Lee and Punxsutawney Phil Disagreed on Ground Hog Day

General Beauregard Lee and Punxsutawney Phil disagreed on Ground Hog day. So which groundhog was right? As it happens, they are most likely both right. You see, spring here in the south happens much earlier than in Pennsylvania. As soon as the Daffodils bloom, in Georgia, we can count on the termites to start to […]

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