• A beaver eating fruit in a river.


Beavers are found throughout all of Georgia though they tend to be found in areas that have a year round water source. In an urban environment, they are known for taking up residence in retention ponds, roadside water ditches, water pipelines, and various other human created water sources.

Beavers range from a light, blondish-brown, to an almost blackish-brown. They have a wide flat tail used for swimming, stability, and as a means of warning by slapping the water. Beavers have abnormally large teeth used for chewing through the toughest of timber and feeding on all kinds of aquatic foliage. Beavers generally have a diet that consists of all kinds of bark membrane from many types of trees as well as a diet of tender green shoots from newly grown foliage.

Beavers live in breeding pair’s along with one to two generations of young. Beavers tend to build dens in the ground, under the banks edge, and will build a hut in the water made from trees and limbs as shelter over their den site. Most entry points to their den sites are under water. Beavers can have as few as one offspring and as many as four and most often only breed once a year.

Beavers have been deemed as being the world’s best engineers. They have the ability to construct dams tough enough to hold back thousands of gallons of water or even strong enough to drive a truck across. This ability creates a problem in an urban environment when they take over a drainage system that humans constructed to deal with water collection issues. When beavers re-direct water flow it tends to flood neighborhood back yards, sewage right-a-ways, storm drains and so on. Beavers also tend to damage a large sum of the timber in the outlying areas for either dam construction and/or for food sources.

All Exterminating Wildlife assists homeowners, HOA’s, Management companies, and/or landowners to properly evaluate any existing beaver issue. We will develop a comprehensive plan for removal of the beavers as well as the removal of dams in a way that both parties see suitable. We have affordable options for all budgets and look forward to working with you to solve your wildlife issues.

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