• A flying bat in the night.


Bats are actually very beneficial animals and have been a part of Georgia’s wildlife for a long time. Bats feed on flying insects, which are pests themselves. One bat can consume hundreds of mosquitoes in just an hour of feeding. They also consume other flying insects that can be a detriment to agriculture like beetles and moths.

Georgia provides a natural habitat for several different species of bats. Bats are very opportunistic animals that forage and roost in many suburban environments. Some species of bats are more particular when it comes to their sites for living and foraging. Some bats need certain temperatures, humidity, and food sources for survival. Due to their very specific needs for survival, bats can be very susceptible to disease from climate change, pesticides, and human contact. It is very important to minimize handling bats when possible due to their delicate nature. One disease in particular that impact bats is white-nose syndrome. First observed in a New York cave in 2006, the condition is named for the fuzzy white fungus that grows on the wings and muzzles of infected bats as they attempt to hibernate in caves. The bats become active and essentially starve before their normal awakening in the spring. White-nose syndrome has since killed an estimated 5.7 million to 6.7 million bats, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The disease has not been found in Georgia up to this point, which is a major reason as to why it is important that bats are treated and handled by professionals.

All Exterminating Wildlife can answer the call to any issues you may have with bats taking up residence in your home. All Exterminating will begin by performing a thorough inspection of the site. We will then discuss a plan of action that will fit the customer’s needs and budget. Some bat jobs may call for additional clean up and disinfecting due to the nature of the guano (bat feces). Guano can cause some people to have allergic reactions or may aggravate allergies. All Exterminating can provide insulation removal, insulation blowback, and disinfecting if the job calls for it; in addition to the safe removal and exclusion of the bats. Most bat removal jobs can be resolved within a two day period.

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