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Custom Hole Repair

All Exterminating has stepped to the next level in repairing holes drilled when applying product for termite treatments. We are one of the few companies in the area that attempts to match the repairing mortar to the color of the concrete, making the drill marks less noticeable in order to preserve the aesthetical appeal of the home. In some cases, the evidence of drilling is undetectable.

So, why do we take the time to correctly preserve the visual appeal of your home? Well, drilling holes in the concrete is a necessary evil when it comes to treating a home with an infestation and we have found that within the exterminating industry that hole patching is one of the number one complaints among customers because if not done correctly it taints the appeal of the home. Therefore, a large number of customers opt to not do any treatment for fear of defacing the value of the home.

All Exterminating does not want this poor practice to stand in the way of a customer properly protecting what is truly one of the largest investments: a home. We understand that there are a large number of companies that are presently filling holes with generic, mismatched mortar, so we offer a “re-repair” service on holes that are improperly repaired. Please ask our salesmen at the time of your appointment for pricing and availability of repairing holes.

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