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Mosquito Control

All Exterminating has answered the call for the overwhelming requests for mosquito control. We have extended our services to include residential and commercial mosquito applications. We are a company that strives to inform and educate the public on mosquito control and realize there is no one cure all for this ongoing problem in our region. There are 63 different species of mosquitoes in Georgia alone. Though most mosquito species share commonalities, their differences are what make the population difficult to control: identifying and recognizing the differences is the key in successfully controlling the varying species.

Preventative Mosquito Treatment Plan, Custom to Your Needs

Mosquitoes reproduce, breed and nest in various locations depending upon the species, which dictates their feeding habits and hosts. This makes it very important for identification purposes. For instance, you cannot treat mosquitoes at your home that are nesting and breeding 25 miles away. The reason we have difficulty treating mosquitoes in some cases is the property we are being paid to service is not the main problem area.

Though species identification is essential for controlling mosquitoes, one of the other challenges we face are the natural elements taking a toll on our preventative measures. Therefore, we suggest a treatment every 30 days during mosquito peak season. It is truly important that we recognize that nature proves to be a battling force against humans and that we do not have the power or means to eradicate the nuisances of life, but All Exterminating is servicing our customers in the best means possible. Don’t fall into gimmick products and services that falsely advertise or do not provide you with information. Removing harborage areas, decreasing breeding areas and regular control treatments will help you achieve maximum results.

Please contact our office for a full consultation and inspection and we will present a plan that we feel will compliment you and your needs.

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