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Termite Control

All Exterminating is a company that strives to separate ourselves positively from our competitors by offering outstanding service, quality treatments, and no fine print warranties when it comes to termite control. In today’s society with a circulation of misleading ads in the industry, All Exterminating attempts to educate consumers so they can avoid the propaganda and concentrate on good service and quality products. What is a customer to believe when they receive multiple quotes, but have difficulty comparing apples to apples?

All Exterminating offers all regulations set forth by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and Structural Pest Control Commission when quoting a job. Why? To inform the customer what is expected by the company by the DOA, while also outlining our services and justification in our rates. All Exterminating believes that customers need to completely understand all service options available and the pros and cons of each: the customer can then make an educated decision on what type of treatment and warranty selection they prefer. All Exterminating takes the time and effort to excel in these areas to ensure the best option is selected for each particular job in order to protect the customer’s investment.

Customers play a crucial role in minimizing their homes exposure to termites as well, which is another reason why All Exterminating attempts to educate our clients. Recognizing and understanding the biology of termites is beneficial, and located on our website one can find resourceful information under our pest & wildlife control library titled, Termites,“termite prevention tips” and “keeping an eye out” and biology information on termites. All Exterminating finds that an informed customer is the best kind because it enables them to be more aware of their surroundings and help us detect potential problems.

Custom Termite Portfolio

All Exterminating will customize a client’s complete termite portfolio allowing them to choose their type of treatment, warranty selections, and maintenance program. We are one of the only companies that offers this type of service. Most companies want to offer customers with a warranty of the companies’ choice, but we are a company that offers flexibility in warranty selection. “Fair” is not practiced enough by most industries, but All Exterminating attempts to offer not only customer choice, but exceptional work at a reasonable price. We owe it to our customers because they did take the time to consider us for “All Their Exterminating Needs.”

All Exterminating offers a variety of treatments and warranties for individual’s needs including but not limited to Liquid treatments, Advance Termite Baiting System, Damage Repair, Re-treatment only, Short & Long Term Warranties.

In addition to treatment, All Exterminating provides other services to aid in control of termites. Vapor Barriers, Vent Installation, and Wood Insulation are all requirements for termite treatments should a home be eligible. Also, should drilling be required in the treatment process, we offer custom hole repair for the aesthetics of a home.

Your Termite Warranty, Not Your Termite Bond — What’s the Difference?

A Bond assures you that there will never be any problems and if there are then we have insurance to pay. Look at your termite warranty along these lines; we live in Georgia, the second most state for termite infestations. Atlanta is the second most metro area for termite infestation. So this means that we will do our very best to prevent termites from doing damage to your house or building, but nothing is going to stop termites cold, and when there is a problem caused by a termite infestation then we (All Exterminating) will fix the damage. We still have insurance to back up your termite warranty, this is the law in the State of Georgia.

All Exterminating wants the same thing to happen with your home repair as you do, so when it comes to your repair, yes you can pick the repair person or do the repair yourself. All we require is to put the house back the way it was or you can even choose to use our provided repair specialist.

No Fine Print to Our Warranty!

Have you ever heard about salary disputes on baseball player’s contract? That the matter was going to arbitration. Well the majority of termite contracts in Georgia have arbitration clauses. Does yours? Arbitration is a contractual way of giving up your right to go to court. Not if your house is covered by All Exterminating. The other thing about arbitration is, who gets to pick the arbitrator? Not you!
If you want to know how well a termite company is doing treatments then ask “How much is your annual repair bill?” “What is the percentage of homes sustaining damage yearly?”

The Annual Inspection

The annual termite inspection is a very important part of the termite warranty, this is how we find termite presence in your home. So looking at your home and discovering conditions conducive to termite infestation is just part of the warranty. Looking for excessive moisture, wood rot, water rot or dry rot (all caused by water) is part of the process. We have found many water leaks in basements, where home owners did not know the leak existed, some very minor and others had caused damage. We will even tell you about rodents and other pest problems identified during the inspection.

All Exterminating looks forward to working with you and providing the best service in the industry for your termite control. Please contact our office for more information on pricing, options for treatment, and all other services.

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