Termidor® Termite Treatment

Atlanta Termidor HP Termite Treatment by All Exterminating

In Atlanta, termite infestation poses a constant threat. Despite causing more than $5 billion of annual damage in the U.S. alone, termite damage is not covered by most homeowners insurance policies. But with All Exterminating’s new Termidor® HP II High Precision Injection System, you can be assured of 100% termite control through a modern delivery method that won’t harm your landscape.

The Termidor® HP II High Precision Injection System used by All Exterminating is groundbreaking, because it breaks no ground.

Traditional termite treatments required manual trenching and digging to effectively deliver the product. But now, all that has changed. All Exterminating uses The Termidor® HP II High Precision Injection System and uses hydraulic trenching to deliver termiticide deep into the ground without any digging. When All Exterminating leaves your home, there will be virtually no signs of damage or disruption.

So how does it work?

Termidor termiticide eliminates termites by both ingestion and contact through genuine Transfer Effect technology. So whenever a termite ingests or touches Termidor, it can become a “carrier” that transmits the active ingredient within the colony, producing devastating results. This product is also effective at preventing future infestations and damage to your home.

By having your home treated with the Termidor HP II High Precision Injection System, you can rest assured that your home will be guarded by a protective barrier of Termidor, the most trusted name in termite control. On top of this, your pest management professional will complete the job faster using Termidor HP II than with any other liquid termiticide on the market.

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