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Our customers are very important to us. Here is what our customers have to say about us:

Chris is an amazing ambassador for All Exterminating. He is always friendly and ready to help you or give advice. He will pick up the phone whenever you have an issue and be around as soon as he can to fix things if needed. As such he inspires great loyalty both to him and All Exterminating from us as customers.

Thank you Chris for all your help the last two years and we wish you and All Exterminating every success in the future.

Just wanted to say a big word of thanks to our technician, Ren. He came out to do our quarterly treatment and termite inspection. Everything was great, but… He found our water heater leaking and told us about it. We’re heading out of town for a few days and it’s ENTIRELY likely that thing could have popped while we were gone and there would have been water EVERYWHERE and still pouring when we got home.

His attention to detail may have saved us thousands of dollars. Granted, not great hearing that you need a new water heater, but it’s awesome to find out BEFORE it ruins your basement!

Additionally, he does his job well and is absolutely great to work with. Super guy besides saving us a pile, today.

Thanks, Ren!

We’ve been using your service since we purchased our home about 3 years ago. Since then, Ren has been our service man and I have to tell you he is phenomenal. Having someone we feel comfortable entering our home each quarter is a make or break with us and Ren has not only won our trust but he has gone above and beyond with every visit. Every time we reach out to him with a concern or issue he makes it his priority to see that were taken care of and are comfortable with the service provided. On multiple occasions we have received door knocks with competitors trying to get us to switch to their service and we refuse each time simply because the service and professionalism we receive from Ren and All Exterminating goes beyond just a service. Calling us the following day after noticing one of our pets were unwell, congratulating us on our new baby girl, or making sure to call us before ringing the door bell, knowing our daughter may be asleep, those little details and the sincerity that goes with everything Ren does really makes a world of a difference. We just wanted to take a moment and thank him and your company for providing us with the best service! Thank you guys!

I have been extremely happy with the services All Exterminating has provided me through the years. Always courteous, reliable and helpful. Steve always answers any questions I have and has provided helpful hints to make sure I do not have any bug issues.

I’m writing to give positive feedback on services I’ve been receiving for 6 years from Bob Keller. Needless to say, this feedback is long overdue. He is always very professional, friendly and a pleasure to invite into our home. I can’t say enough about the kindness he displays to my children and in turn, they look forward to his quarterly visits. I would also like to add that Bob freed us from all the insect problems we had when we first called ALL Exterminating and I’m happy to say that he continues to be diligent in keeping them away. A big thank you goes out to Bob Keller and his willingness to always go above and beyond!

I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You guys are great. Ty is so wonderful and Ryan is the absolute greatest! Ryan addressed ALL of my concerns and was SO Patient with me. I was truly Stressing out but Ryan worked with me until I could “breathe again”. I will absolutely call again, if needed, and will of course, refer your company to everyone! Thanks.

I would like to just give one of your technicians a praise of good work. Scott Pendley does a great job every time he comes to my house. He even sprayed and killed some ants I had around the home. Very professional and a good man.

Recently Clint inspected & later treated my house for termites. I was very favorably impressed with Mr.Brown and his work. I wanted to let his company know this. First of all, he has an unusually nice appearance. Clean cut looking and well pressed clothing was re-assuring to me. He explained everything in terms I could understand & informed me about termites in general. He was on time and very courteous. I was impressed that he was so interested in eradicating my problem while being so respectful of my property. Anyway – give him a pat on the back for a job well done.

We have been using All Exterminating for approximately 8 years, for termite and pest control, They are an honest, caring, family run business, and are truly excellent in every way!!! Justin services our home and always gets back to us immediately, and goes above and beyond in service! We will always use them, and their customer service is awesome as well. It is hard to find businesses today that truly have the customer in mind, they do!!!

Having used All Exterminating for 10 years, they are our first and only choice for pest control. Their employees are of the highest character, plus they are extremely dependable and thorough. We highly recommend them.

Just would like to say thanks to your tech Brian. Wow what a great service he performed on my house in Buford. I was very upset when I found termite damage at my home. Brian insured me that All Exterminating would provide me with great service results. The complete treatment he sold/ performed on my home was top notch. I can’t even see the nasty blemishes in the concrete slabs in my garage where I had an infestation. He even came by 30 days later to check status to insure the problem had been solved where I could have my damages repaired…Thanks so much to Brian and his company.

I’ve always been satisfied with the service from everyone at All Exterminating, but my current rep, Dewayne, is TOP NOTCH! His attitude and willingness far exceeds my expectations and what I consider to be excellent customer service. He is to be commended on a ‘job well done’ and the ‘bar’ for which we all strive to achieve in this day and age when good service is often non-existent. Kudos All Exterminating for having such a phenomenal employee!

Recently my mom purchased a house in Suwanee and all decisions are up to me. Because of the great service Steve Whitfield has given me on my house over the years, I have decided to have All Exterminating do my moms house. This new business is coming your way only because Steve has done such a GREAT job with me.

We love Steve! Great man who provides oustanding service.

Justin has been servicing my home for approximately ten years, He is phenomenal! Very professional and knowledgeable. He calls me when it is time for service and is always prompt and curteous. As long as he services my area, I will be an All client!

Your Wildlife guy Ty is unbelievable. He knows so much about critters. He came out took care of my problem, sealed some holes, and didn’t charge me thousands of dollars for work that didn’t need to be done. Thank you so much for a wonderful job.

I’d like to share our experience with Robert Walls. Last week, we called about a swarm of dead winged insects in our basement. Within a day, our tech, Robert Walls, arrived and determined that we had termites (UGH!). Robert was amazing! He treated our home as if it were his own. He consulted with All’s termite expert and went to business treating the area, inspecting every inch of the basement and outside foundation, and even took care of the termites found in the base of an outside pergola. Please extend our sincere gratitude to Robert for a job extremely well done! Many thanks!

Ron Morris is our technician: Ron carefully considered our situation including the fact that we have a 14 month old toddler and two dogs and offered multiple options based on those details. He was on time, completed our service in a timely manner and explained everything he was doing as he did it. After meeting Ron and having such a great experience, we agreed to a quarterly service! Ron also spoke to us about our termite control and offered us this service as well which will save us over $75 per year. We LOVE Ron! He was fantastic . . .very professional and considerate but above all, very caring. He was great with our family and our dogs!

Clint Stanley was very courteous and friendly. He did a very good job and we are very pleased.

Chris Coldlron was very professional.

Your technician, Chris, came today and did an outstanding job. We would like to continue your services on a monthly basis at $60.00 per month. Again, we have written to Trust Dale and notified our Vinings Place neighborhood of your top-notch services including squirrel and mosquito treatments. Again, thanks so much.

Chris is extremely thorough, knowledgable polite.

Chris Smith was very helpful, honest and knowledgeable. I appreciate his patience and explaining things to me.

My husband and I have been customers of All Exterminating for over 3 years now and Clint Stanley has handled our account. I have been remiss in emailing to let you know what a wonderful job Clint does but his responsiveness today was so incredible that I decided not to delay any longer.

Clint is very professional, hard working and responsive and is a genuinely nice person.  He is a great asset to your company and I hope you will recognize him for his incredible work.

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