• A Roach, a common pest


Most people will lose their appetite or think that their home is dirty when they see or hear of a cockroach. Sometimes cockroaches can be relentless in their will to survive because of there ability to adapt to change. Here are some hints about cockroaches.

  • Cockroaches may cause people to have allergies from their droppings, skin and dead bodies.
  • A lot like ants, roaches can obtain entry inside your home in many ways. Some ways are through boxes stored over time, plumbing pipes, attic or crawlspace vents, etc.
  • Cockroaches can live just about anywhere. They have been around since the dinosaurs roamed the earth. That should say something to you in there ability to adapt to new environments.
  • Your home or business can provide everything that a cockroach needs to survive food, water, warmth, cool and damp areas, etc.
  • They like hard to reach areas that are in tight quarters. This is one reason that roaches at times can be difficult to treat because of limited access.
  • Cockroaches can reproduce rapidly laying eggs often and not taking long to fully develop.
  • Cockroach’s ability to adapt can explain why when you treat with over the counter products they may work at first but then they develop resistance to your product.

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