• A pigeon.


Pigeons can be a major problem for residential homeowners, commercial building owners, industrial buildings and/or other sites. Over much of Georgia, especially in urban areas, non-native common pigeons cause damage to buildings, cars, mechanical devises, drainage systems, and many other things. Pigeons carry diseases that are transferable to humans and contact between the birds and people is closer than one thinks. Pigeons are known to defecate on roofs and other elevated structures where they have constructed stagnate nests and roost sites; this pigeon behavior increases the likelihood of human’s exposure to pigeon defecation. ie. door handles and rails, park benches, table tops, and many other surfaces. Pigeons also have a long life span which means the bird can stay in one place for many years making the issue worse over the course of time. Pigeons are homing birds; therefore they return to the area of birth or nesting time after time. Over the course of time, the birds multiply and so does the damage and nuisance.

Issues can be resolved in a variety of ways from eliminating roosting sites, trapping the bird(s), and using noise or motion scare devices, bird spikes, repellants, electric wire, bird nets, etc. All Exterminating Wildlife will perform an inspection of the site to determine the best method of control. With so many options for bird control and the availability of those products, it is very easy that pigeons can become educated through the misuse of products by uninformed users. Through our inspection, we will determine if the pigeons have been exposed to any methods through the monitoring of their natural habits, and we can then determine the most effective course of action for trapping and removing the birds.

Pigeon control and prevention can be achieved and substantially improved in most areas of infestation with proper methods and the right professionals for the job. All Exterminating Wildlife has the experience and knowledge to properly address any bird issue we might run up against. If you have issues call today for an inspection and we will address all possible options with you and supply you with affordable solutions.

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