• Groundhog with its mouth open, in the dirt.


The Groundhog/Woodchuck aka “whistle pig” is one of the larger rodents that live in Georgia. While one may find them throughout Georgia, they are more prevalent in northern parts of the state. Groundhogs physically are often described as creatures with stocky balls of fur with short legs and a short tail. They have a rounded head, with not much of a mussel, and stubby ears. Groundhogs are a light tan in color with blackish fur mixed throughout.

Groundhogs prefer regions with previously disturbed ground where weeds and foliage grow in abundance. These areas consist of kudzu patches, embankments, hillsides, dams, retaining walls, and foundations. They also like wide open spaces such as fields, pastures, and clearings. They love to dig and are very proficient at it: groundhogs can dig a complex arrangement of tunnels to house their young in an effort to protect them from predators. With their ability to dig as one method of evading predators, they also have the ability to climb trees to escape. Groundhogs are also known to whistle a high pitched alert to warn other groundhogs of possible intruders. This habit is where name whistle-pig originates.

The groundhog’s main diet consists of fruits and vegetables as well as other types of vegetation. With their natural love of vegetables, gardens often become victims; in fact, groundhogs are capable of destroying a garden overnight. They eat very fast to minimize their time above ground, which is why it can be difficult for a homeowner to assess the identity of the culprit. Very often if a garden is destroyed by a groundhog the creatures den can be easily located, often located nearby.

Destroying a garden is only one of their talents: groundhogs can also cause various kinds of structural issues in a home. They dig in, around, and under foundations causing the structure to crack and occasionally collapse. Groundhogs tunnel into crawlspaces, destroy a retaining walls ability to hold back the earth. They can also cause sidewalks to crack and become unlevel with the settling of the earth below.

Groundhogs can be caught and removed fairly easily and without any disturbance to the structure. If you find that you have a groundhog tunneling around your foundation or destroying your garden, do not settle for “wife’s tail solutions” or think that nothing can be done. Call All Exterminating Wildlife today. We can provide extremely affordable removal services and you can be groundhog free in just a day or two.

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