• Squirrel


The grey squirrel is one of the most common invaders of homes here in the southeast. They acquire their name from the obvious grey color of their fur and can range from a reddish brown to dark brown in color. They cause a great deal of discomfort for most people due to their destructive nature. They are known to chew holes in fascia boards, nibble on wires, and ruin insulation from defecation and tunneling in the attic. In most cases they will be active during the day coming into and out of your home, storing food and checking on their young. The grey squirrel has a diet that consists of seeds, acorns, walnuts, other nuts, and certain types of fungi or mushrooms. If these food sources are prevalent around your home an infestation more likely to occur. In the event all food sources are unable to be removed, consideration of a proper exclusion is a higher priority to the homeowner.

Another factor of concern is their reproductive cycles. Grey squirrels breed twice a year, December to February and May to June. The first litter is born in February to March, the second in June to July. There are normally two to six young in each litter, but this number can be as high as eight. The gestation period is approximately forty days. The young are weaned at seven weeks and leave the nest after ten weeks. Grey squirrels can begin breeding as early as five months old, but usually, do not breed for the first year. Squirrels can live to be twenty years old in captivity, but in the wild usually only live up to twelve years.

All Exterminating Wildlife Division can solve any problem associated with squirrels from trapping, full or partial home exclusion, insulation removal and blowback, and many more repairs or restoration. Our Wildlife Division offers you variable solutions to fit your budget. In some cases, a recommendation of a full home exclusion that could cost thousands of dollars is not necessary. There are more affordable options to take care of the pesky squirrels than a full exclusion.

If a customer chooses or is recommended a full home exclusion, we install drip edge flashing in the construction gaps, seal open soffits, wire gable vents, and seal any other open areas. We can remove the squirrels, seal up the entry points, and assess other damage or repairs after consulting with the homeowner to determine their goals and budget in order to develop a plan that fits into their expectations. All Exterminating Wildlife Division offers a full warranty on all of our work and expects nothing less than complete customer satisfaction.

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