• Four termites in their natural habitat in the ground.


Termite prevention tips:

  • Do not attach wood components to your house
  • Do not bury wood or cellulose materials around your house.
  • Repair areas that may hold moisture around house.
  • Extend condensation drain lines from a/c units.
  • Make sure that there is not any form boards, grade stakes, or stucco in the ground, or foam insulation.
  • Allow a six to eight inch gap from siding to ground
  • Seal cracks in foundation
  • Fix any leaks in home (fixtures or roof)
  • Keep gutters cleaned
  • Do not store firewood against home
  • Keep pinestraw and ground cover off house
  • Keep bushes trimmed back (your house needs to breathe)
  • Grind stumps and old trees and remove from property
  • Repair rotten wood on home

Keep an eye out for:

  • Mud tubes formed on foundation
  • Detached wings or winged insects found in home
  • Bubbling of paint on walls
  • Dirt clots on your wall or coming through sheetrock
  • Wood that sounds hollow or dense when tapped or touched

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