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Wood Insulation

Wood insulation is critical to minimizing your homes’ accessibility to termites. Termites can enter the home in many ways including Earth to Wood Contacts (EW/C) An EW/C can be anything from attached fences, landscape timbers, trim, siding, deck components, etc.

All Exterminating Is Regulated By the Georgia Department of Agriculture

All Exterminating is regulated by the Georgia Department of Agriculture which puts in place and enforces all rules and regulations. When a termite treatment is completed on a structure we are required to remove or insulate all wood contacts. In many cases, the owner does not want this done for personal reasons. We have the availability of excluding this from the treatment but it is not recommended. If excluded you must have a form signed that states both why you do not want it done and explains that you understand all terms and conditions of the exceptions. The Georgia Department of Agriculture does not recognize this to be a complete treatment unless the wood contacts have been addressed.

Please talk to your salesmen about the issue to address your situation so there are no surprises later. All Exterminating offers the service of wood insulation in addition to your treatment. Your salesmen can discuss the options and pricing with you.

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