Summer Weather in Georgia Brings Termites

Summer Weather in Georgia: Termites Becoming More Active

Everyone has been anticipating warmer weather and it is here. With summer vacations, baseball games, and all the other things that consume our time off of work and school we often forget what warmer more humid days mean. It means that termites are more active and their colonies are reproducing at an all-time high. The last thing that someone wants is to come home from vacation to a home filled with swarming termites and a damaged home. Take some time to have your home inspected for these little guys.

One once said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you’re not having your home covered or inspected regularly this is the time when it should be considered. With the mild winter we have experienced the activity from termites is expected to be much higher this year.

If you are experiencing any problems with termites or just don’t know if you are please call today for an inspection and consultation. Have a great summer!