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All Exterminating Pest & Wildlife Control Library: Raccoons

The raccoon is a husky animal that reaches about three feet in length and weighs 10 to 25 pounds. The creature has very recognizable markings including black rings on its tail and a black mask covering the majority of its face. In the winter, a raccoons coat has a “puffy” look to it, making the animal appear to be a bit larger than its actual size. Raccoons range in color from grey to black.

Raccoons breed and have young anytime between December and June, but generally are most active in the middle of the aforementioned duration. The young are weaned within 2 to 3 months, but may stay with the female up to a year. Given that the babies could remain with the female for a relatively long period, it is important that when a female raccoon enters a home that proper measures are taken to ensure that the young, if present, are removed with the mother.  This makes the need for a professional essential, so that further damage is not caused and essential repairs can be made in a fashion that is acceptable for the homeowner and humane for the animal.

Raccoons are found everywhere in Georgia and are typically found in areas near water like swamps, rivers, streams, and ponds. They also tend to stay near mature hardwood areas where food sources are more readily available and den sites like hollow trees, brush piles, and ground dens are easily obtained. When these items are not obtainable, they naturally seek homes, barns, attics, or abandoned structures. When found in these areas, they can cause significant damage along with creating uneasiness. They are mostly nocturnal, but often feed during day time hours. Raccoons are highly adaptable as well as opportunists and often take advantage of people’s trash and other readily available sources within homes for the essentials of survival.

Raccoons generally become a nuisance where one may use bird  feeders, leave dog or cat food outside for pets, or allows that rotten board on the side of the house “go a little while longer”. People tend to not think about these types of things until it has caused a problem. If someone should find oneself with a nuisance raccoon, All Exterminating can handle all your needs in removing the animal, repairing any damage, cleaning up feces, and offering consultations to prevent future issues. Please call today for an inspection and an affordable solution to your raccoon incursion today.

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